We are distributing the ownership of various RCP ventures

We believe in DOT (Decentralization of Things), Reddit Inc took a step ahead of other cooperation and started decentralizing it’s platform through RCP (Reddit Community Points). MoonsSwap is a Swap service for RCP, RCP can be traded easily against BUSD straight from/into the user’s Reddit Vault. We are happy to take part in this innovation, but that’s not enough, we are taking our venture to the next level by decentralizing it’s ownership. Another step in decentralization is RCPSwap which is Reddit Community Points Swap, completely Decentralized Exchange that operates via Automated Market Making. Everything is handled by smart contracts on Reddit Arbitrum Network.

RCPswap is powered by the MOOND token, portion of the swap fees on RCPswap goes to MoonsDust Treasury, these fees are being used for MOOND BuyBack&Burn - monthly basis. In addition, MOOND is tokenized ownership token that distribute profits from MoonsSwap among its holders, gives them voting power in governance polls and let them decide the future for MoonsDust and its subsidiary RCP products.

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token address: 0x6cA5FAc496bf94345958635E6e6171Dfe78f36bb



MOOND and MoonsDust will be the head party of all existing and future Moons Ventures - MoonsSwap, WhalesOTC, MoonsCasino, RCPSwap and more!

Transparency and Trust

Moons Profits from the ventures will be publicly available to anyone (Even non MOOND holders) on Reddit Chain, verification and audits can be easily done by anyone!

MOOND holders list is also publicly available on Binance Smart Chain.


We know that what’s relevant today, may not be relevant by tomorrow.
We are evolving and expanding our areas of development everyday to stay relevant to the fast growing market.


Reddit Community Points (RCP) payouts for MOOND holders is done daily and automatically. Every day at 12:00 GMT+2 & 13:00 GMT+2, Cyprus time MOONs and BRICKs are distributed respectively (nothing is required to be eligible or to redeem the RCP, just HODL MOOND!)



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Atomic swap exchange service for RCP

Supports all Reddit Community Points swaps against BUSD

Extremely convenient service to turn RCP into BUSD and the other way around, Fast & Easy.

Lower fees and time saver compared to other swaps that require multiple swaps (Dai -> xDai -> xRCP -> RCP L1 -> RCP L2).

Trading on MoonsSwap directly affect the price of the RCP! Some other services offer RCP swaps but their operations are similar to OTC market (With no liquidity) that doesn’t affect the price of the asset.

Not your keys not your RCP! We do not hold tokens of our clients, nor do we hold a cold wallet. The Swaps happens instantly and directly after the user send RCP or BUSD.

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OTC Desk For RCP Tokens

Supports all Reddit Community Points OTC trades against BTC, ETH and Stablecoins

Solving the liquidity problem in the RCP market, Liquidity is not an issue anymore.

Facilitating Big Trades that the market can’t handle, while being in trusted hands

Over $122,000+ Volume in just few weeks of launch and ~$250,000+ worth of Buys/Sell orders.

All buy/sell orders are verified via PoF (Proof of Funds), this eliminates market manipulation and creating fake sentiment for investors

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Decentralized AMM Exchange For Reddit Community Points

Reddit Community Points DEX deployed on Reddit Arbitrum.

Completely Decentralized Exchange, no single point of failure nor centralized servers. Everything is powered by smart contracts and Reddit Arbitrum Blockchain.

Near Instant transactions and gas-less fees! Reddit Arbitrum is Layer 2 solution where transactions are fast and cheap.

No order book, RCPSwap is using Automated Market Making protocol (Uniswap V2) which enable different approach to decentralized trading compared to the old orders book approach.

Low fees and high Liquidity Providers Rewards! Fees are as low as 0.9% per trade which is divided between MoonsDust Treasury for MOOND Buyback & Burn (0.15%) and Liquidity Providers (0.75%)


Breakdown of Our Token Allocation

Start Time

24 Aug, 2021

End Time

31 Aug, 2021

Token Symbol


Tokens Offered

3.3 M

MOOND Launch

17 Sept, 2021

Mainnet Launch


Soft Cap

825 K

Hard Cap

2.47 M


MOOND is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


Download the whitepaper and learn about MOOND Token, the unique MOOND approach and the team/advisors.

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Whitepaper (coming soon)
whitepaper cover
Whitepaper (coming soon)
whitepaper cover
Whitepaper (coming soon)
whitepaper cover
Whitepaper (coming soon)


Below we’ve provided frequently asked questions of MoonsDust (MOOND) & MOONs. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is MOON?

Moons are an ERC-20 token on the Rinkeby network launched by Reddit admins in May 2020 as a part of the Community Points project. They are a means for users to be rewarded for their contributions in r/CryptoCurrency with a unit of ownership in the subreddit. Moons are independent of Reddit and once earned neither the admins nor the subreddit moderators can take them away from users.

You can trade moons on MoonsSwap.com against BUSD.
Moons are distributed every 28 days based on the share of the subreddit's total karma a user has earned during this timeframe. Moons can be tipped between Reddit users using the send arrow within the Reddit vault.

Moons are stored in the vault, an Ethereum wallet which lives inside the official Reddit mobile app for iOS or Android. Users are provided with the means to restore their vault should they lose/break their device. Moons can also be stored on any Ethereum wallet, but to be used, the wallet has to connect to Reddit Chain RPC.

Open your vault: Click here to open a Reddit vault

- Moons are used to vote on Governance Polls that influence how the community is governed and how moons are distributed. Your maximum voting weight is determined by your amount of earned moons, which includes those received from through the normal distribution or from the Moon Distributor Account (contest awards, etc).

- Moons can be tipped between users.

- Moons can be used to purchase the r/CryptoCurrency Special Membership which allows for embedding gifs in comments, special emotes & custom flair/color for the username.

- Moons can be redeemed for Reddit coins, but only for use in r/CryptoCurrency.

What is MOOND?

MOOND is an ownership token developed by MoonsDust. MOOND launched on August 2021 and they are currently on the Binance Chain Network. MOOND will be migrated to Ethereum Mainnet once Arbitrum Layer 2 solution launches. MOOND holders receive the daily profits from MoonsSwap, WhalesOTC, RCPSwap and other related Moons products developed by the MoonsDust team.

You can buy MoonsDust (MOOND) on major swaps.

- 1Inch

- PancakeSwap

MOOND can be stored on ANY Ethereum address! To view your balance you have to add the smart contract for MOOND


Decimals: 18

Token Name: MOOND

Make sure that you are on BSC network because currently, MOONDs are BEP-20 Token.
(Supported wallets for BEP-20: Trust Wallet, Ledger, Metamask and More)

MOOND main use case is representation of ownership:

- Everyday at 12:00 GMT+2 & 13:00 GMT+2 Cyprus Time(MOONs & BRICKs), MOOND holders receive their daily profits from MoonsSwap and subsidiary projects based on their MOOND holdings % compared to the total supply of MOOND.

E.g: Joe holds 5% of total MOOND, supply, he will receive 5% from the total profits of the subsidiary projects.

- in the future, MOOND will give vote power to its holders, they will be able to vote for or against any governance topic like: Fees, Development of new Moons products, Listing or Delisting on Exchanges, starting a marketing campaign, raising funds from the community and more.

r/Cryptocurrency $MOONs - 12:00 GMT+2, Cyprus Time.

r/FortNiteBR $BRICKs - 13:00 GMT+2, Cyprus Time.

Contact Us

We are always open and we welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please email us by: team@moonsdust.com.

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