Reddit Community Points (RCPs) are a blockchain-based digital asset system designed to reward and engage Reddit users. They offer a new way for communities on Reddit to recognize and incentivize contributions. RCPs are built on a blockchain infrastructure, ensuring transparency and security.

We chose to build MoonsDust because the concept of RCPs is revolutionary, especially coming from a multi-billion-dollar Web2 social media giant like Reddit. They are taking significant steps into the world of Web3, and we are excited to be a part of this transformative journey - especially in this early stage of the project.

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* Unofficial Reddit Community Points - developed by Reddit Community.


We chose Arbitrum Nova for MoonsDust because it's the designated chain for Reddit Community Points (RCPs), aligning perfectly with our ecosystem-building mission. Additionally, Arbitrum Nova benefits from strong industry support, with backing from Google Cloud, Reddit, Offchain Labs, Consensys and others, ensuring a reliable and scalable foundation for our project.



We are distributing the ownership and revenues of various Reddit Community Point (RCP) ventures - All under our native token MOOND

We believe in DOT (Decentralization of Things). Reddit Inc took a step ahead of other corporations and started decentralizing its platform through RCPs (Reddit Community Points). MoonsSwap was one of the first and major swap services for RCP, making RCPs easily tradable against stablecoins directly from/into the user's Reddit Vault, even when RCPs were on the testnet. We were happy to take part in this innovation, but that's not enough; we are taking our venture to the next level by decentralizing its ownership and building even more RCPs projects.

Another step we took is RCPSwap, which stands for Reddit Community Points Swap, a Decentralized Exchange that operates via Automated Market Making, using the latest DEX Aggregator - xFusion. MoonsBet is the first r/Cryptocurrency MOON casino and Moon2NFT is NFT marketplace to allow direct swaps between Reddit Avatars and Community Points.

All of MoonsDust’s ventures are native to Arbitrum Nova - the network chosen by Reddit to launch RCPs. MoonsDust is powered by the MOOND token, representing ownership of all the developed ventures. Ownership is currently reflected through dividend payments from the revenue of MoonsDust services. Our ultimate goal is to launch MoonsDust DAO, the final step in fully decentralizing MOOND.

Buy MOOND on

token address: 0x4b2576BC44310D6dfb4cfCf2630f25190fc60803



MoonsDust and MOOND will unite all of existing and future RCPs Ventures - MoonsSwap, WhalesOTC, MoonsBet, RCPSwap, NovaWhaleAlerts and more!

Transparency and Trust

Currently MOOND is preparing for the next stage of decentralization and transparency - the launch on MOOND DAO on Arbitrum Nova.


We know that what’s relevant today, may not be relevant by tomorrow. We are evolving and expanding our areas of development everyday to stay relevant to the fast growing market.

MOOND Staking

Staking enables MOOND holders to participate in the distribution of MoonsDust revenue, one of the core features of MOOND DAO.


Once launched, the DAO will replace MoonsDust’s team in the process of decision making. Marking big milestone in the decentralization of MoonsDust and its ventures.



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Decentralized AMM Exchange For Reddit Community Points

Reddit Community Points DEX deployed on Arbitrum Nova.

Completely Decentralized Exchange, no single point of failure nor centralized servers. Everything is powered by smart contracts and Arbitrum Nova.

Near-instant transactions and almost gas-less fees! Arbitrum Nova is a Layer 2 solution where transactions are fast and ultra cheap.

Uniting liquidity across Arbitrum Nova via xFusion - the first DEX Aggregator on Arbitrum Nova, trade with deeper liquidity and lower slippage.

First DAPP on Arbitrum Nova! Launched and tested few weeks before Nova was available to the public.

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OTC Desk For RCP Tokens

Supports all Reddit Community Points OTC trades against BTC, ETH and Stablecoins

Solving the liquidity problem in the RCP market, Liquidity is not an issue anymore.

Facilitating Big Trades that the market can’t handle, while being in trusted hands

Over hundreds of successful trades since 2021, trusted by major community members.

All buy/sell orders are verified via PoF (Proof of Funds), this eliminates market manipulation and creating fake sentiment for investors

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Atomic swap exchange service for RCP

Supports all Reddit Community Points swaps against USDC

Extremely convenient service to turn RCP into USDC and the other way around, Fast & Easy.

Deeper liquidity and better prices by aggregating DEX and CEX liquidity

MoonsSwap is user friendly solution, most of Reddit Community Points users are new to Crypto, MoonsSwap helps them trade RCPs with just few simple clicks.

Not your keys not your RCP! We do not hold tokens of our clients, nor do we hold a cold wallet. The Swaps happens instantly and directly after the user send RCP or USDC - without any need for KYC!

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The first major usecase for RCPs outside of Reddit

Redditors can now gamble and play with their imaginary earned money on trusted platform.

Various and different types of casino games, Cards, Dice Roulette Plinko in addition to Crypto Prediction games.

Provably fair - don’t trust, verify. To ensure all of our users are playing fair games, game results verification is available via cryptography.

User Friendly, we don’t require wallet connection or smart contracts interaction as our targeted users are mostly from Web2.

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Data worth a lot of money, especially getting early access to the data.

Nova Whale Alert is a free tool to track Whales activity on Arbitrum Nova.

Fast and convenient whales activity alerts on Telegram and Twitter

Supprting MOON, BRICK, USDC and ETH

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Uniting Reddit Community Points and Reddit Avatars under one MarketPlace.

Redditors can easily swap between RCPs and Reddit Collectible Avatars - RCAs.

Fast and convenient bridge between Polygon <-> Nova currently for MOON tokens.

Low fees, simple and user friendly marketplace


Breakdown of Our Token Allocation

Sale Start Time

24 Aug, 2021

Sale End Time

31 Aug, 2021

Token Symbol


Tokens Offered

3.3 M

MOOND Launch

17 Sept, 2021

Mainnet Launch


Soft Cap

825 K

Hard Cap

2.47 M

Public Sale Price

0.08$ - 0.12$

Private Sale Price



MOOND is developing products and tools for Reddit Community Points and Arbitrum Nova, here is our roadmap and milestones


Below we’ve provided frequently asked questions of MoonsDust (MOOND) & RCPs. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.


Name: MoonsDust

Decimals: 18

Max Supply: 3,300,000 MOOND

MOOND Contract Address on: 0x4b2576BC44310D6dfb4cfCf2630f25190fc60803

Network: Arbitrum Nova

MOOND is an ownership token developed by MoonsDust, launched on Binance Smart Chain in August 2021. MOOND is now migrating to Arbitrum Nova, and MOOND holders will receive daily profits from MoonsSwap, WhalesOTC, RCPSwap, MoonsBet, Moon2NFT, and any other related RCPs products developed by the MoonsDust team. Our final goal is to launch MOOND DAO on Arbitrum Nova.

You can buy MoonsDust MOOND on RCPswap, ETH/MOOND pair.

Use a Compatible Wallet: Ensure that you have a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Arbitrum Nova Layer 2 solution built on Ethereum. Popular Ethereum wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or MyEtherWallet are commonly used.

MOOND main use case is representation of ownership:

Token holders can stake their MOOND in order to receive the revenue from MoonsDust ventures. MOOND holders receive their profits based on their MOOND holdings % compared to the total MOOND staked.

E.g: Joe holds 5% of total MOOND, supply and 100% of the supply is staked, he will receive 5% from the total profits of the subsidiary projects.

E.g: Joe holds 5% of total MOOND, supply and 50% of the supply is staked, he will receive 10% from the total profits of the subsidiary projects.

In the future, MOOND DAO will give vote power to its holders, they will be able to vote for or against any governance topic like: Fees, Development of new Moons products, Listing or Delisting on Exchanges, starting a marketing campaign, raising funds from the community and more.

What is RCPs?

Reddit community points are a feature introduced by Reddit to some of its communities as a way to reward and incentivize active participation within those communities. These points are often specific to a particular subreddit and are represented by tokens or coins with unique names, such as "Moon" for the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit or "Bricks" for r/FortNiteBR.

To get Reddit Community Points, actively participate in subreddits that offer them through posting, commenting, and upvoting content.
RCPs are distributed once in 28 days.

You store Reddit Community Points in a digital wallet provided by Reddit called Vault, typically accessible through the Reddit mobile app or website. RCPs can be stored on any EVM wallet as well, just make sure your wallet can support Arbitrum Nova - Metamask is the most popular one.

Common Reddit Community Points use cases include buying exclusive badges, accessing premium features, voting in subreddit governance, tipping others, converting to cryptocurrencies, and participating in special events, collectible acquisitions and advertising on the specific subreddit.

Contact Us

We are always open and we welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please email us by: team@moonsdust.com.

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